Attila Korb

korb aTrombone, cornet, flugelhorn, soprano trombone, vocals


korb a cAttila at the age of 11 formed his own jazz band called Little jazz Band which between 2001-2006 awarded 1st and 2nd in a good few international jazz contests. Since 1995 as a member of the Kecskemét based Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band he has been a regular performer at many European (Montreux, Pori, Ascona, Oslo, Bude, Berlin…) and American (Sacramento, Sedalia…) jazz and ragtime festivals.  From 2005 he is a member in Modern Art Orchestra of Budapest. In 2007 he won the Ernő Zsoldos Jazz Trombone Contest hosted by the Hungarian radio- as part of the prize his first solo album titled „Guy from Kecskemét” was released.  He was invited as a soloist in 2009 to Breeda Jazz Festilval, Holland where he was awarded to the” Kobe” prize which simultaneously was his invitation to Kobe Jazz Street Festival in Japan.  In 2010 he alone represented Hungary in the European tour of European Jazz Orchestra.

Árpád Dennert

dennert aClarinet, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone


dennert a cÁrpád started to play clarinet when he was 6, his musical interest moved towards jazz at the age of 14, this is when he started to play saxophone. Later as a member of Storyville Jazz Band he worked with Joe Murányi on records, concerts and festivals.  He graduated from the Jazz department of Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2006 where he studied from Mihály Borbély and István Elek, later this year he joined Budapest Jazz Orchestra.  In 2007, he was awarded the „Ablakos Lakatos Dezső” fellowship by the Ministry of Education and Culture as prominently talented jazz musician.  Between 2008-2011, he was a member of „Studio 11” the band of the Hungarian National Radio. He works with Papajazz since 2009. Beside his regular bands he contributes as a session musician in various occasional formations as well as on studio records.

Attila Sidoo

sidoo a.jpgGuitar


sidoo a cAttila started to play the guitar when 15. First he played in punk and rock bands, but soon he turned towards jazz and world music. His fast finger style techniques and virtuoso playing is begrudged by many. He is not only the guitarist but the head of the band called Besh o droM. His favorite guitarist is Django Reinhardt. With Sidoo-Munkácsy duo (two guitars) he pays reverence to the manouche swing style funded by Django.

Péter Kovács

kovacs pTuba


kovacs p cPéter graduated as a tubaist from Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2002. During his studies he was awarded excellent in a number of contests. He was a member of Bega Bass Tuba Quartet –funded in 2001 - and in 2004 won the 1. prize on the Budapest Tuba conference, moreover he also achieved international success as part of the Small Brass Quintet. Starting with 2005, he joined Modern Art Orchestra, where he inspired a number of Hungarian contemporary jazz composers by his virtuoso ethereal style. Currently he is tuba instructor of Béla Bartók School of art in district XVII and the constant member of Ernő Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra.

Balázs Cseh

cseh bdrums


cseh b cBalázs is one of the busiest jazz drummers of the club sin Budapest. He completed his studies in the Music Institute of Kőbánya where he was a student of Vilmos  Jávori.  In recent years he played in many concerts and festivals with: István Gyárfás,  Joe Fritz, István Fekete,  Tommy Vig, Csaba Deseő,  Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, also he contributed in concerts with Bubbi Chen, Johnny Raducanu and Ladislav Fidri as well. Since 2012 he is in Rozina Pátkai Quintet and the year after he joined Papajazz.